Jinbiao Goes to BuildTech ASIA | Singapore

October 24, 2016


BuildTech Asia exhibition came to its end as companies of different market showcasing their product specialty to future clients. Hebei Jinbiao marks its own success as we were able to foster better relationship with our previous clients and build strong bonds with potential clients.


During the 3 day stint, we manage to further educate visitors from all over the South East Asia region and also some parts of the world with what we had to offer. Though it might seem like a normal exhibition to some, we took the liberty to bring across to those interested in us that Jinbiao is continuing to become a better company. A company that pledges to go further and meet client's project needs and also solemnly promise to heighten its value add towards their service provided to clients.


All in all, the 3 days was a great success as positive feedback was received all around. Here are some moments we would like to share:

 However you might realize we did have a video played during the exhibition to showcase our project reference, and we are not surprise if you missed it because there were too many interesting things to look around for. So if you do miss it, come watch it here.


To wrap it all up, here is a quick video of what goes around on the few days at BuildTech ASIA.


Till then. God Bless.


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