Portable Noise Control Barrier SERIES

Revolutionary way of using barriers to different situation. This barrier system is an effective noise reduction / mitigation system for reducing unwanted noise for all changing applications.

The Portable Noise Control Barrier has the same performance as our Temporary Noise Control Barrier only more versatile in where it would be positioned based on site condition. The Portable Noise Control Barrier has a foundation of its own, allowing users to be hassle free as there are no structure / foundation needed for it to be fixed on.

To use the Portable Noise Control Barrier, simply place it between (but nearer) to work area and the sensitive area. This item is applicable for the new Quieter Construction Innovation Fund (previously known as Quieter Construction Fund) under the 'Purchase of Noise Control Equipment'.

Type 1

  • Convenient

  • Movable to any direction

  • Mobile way of having a noise control barrier

  • Dimension: 2000mm+/- Length x 2000mm - 2500mm Height

Attached on wheels, it allows the mitigation system to be moveable with minimal effort.

Type 2

  • Light-weight (21kg per set)

  • Easy-carry (1 or 2 man carry)

  • Transportable

  • Dimension: 1500mm+/- Length x 2000mm Height

The Aluminum shell makes the whole system light. Where it needs to be shifted, minimum manpower is needed.

Type 3

  • Sturdy, rigid and sizable

  • Used in the harsh environment

  • The stable design of this barrier would a great solution for outdoor usage that needs transporting over a period of time.

  • Dimension: 2000mm+/- Length x 2000mm - 3000mm Height

The built in stand allows the system to be placed on the ground firmly. This system allows users to customize height as needed.

  • A modular system that may act as a partial premises noise mitigation solution

  • It is supported with a concrete footing

  • Though it takes a lot of effort with transportation, its structure is able to go up higher than its predecessor's height specification.

  • Dimension: 1500mm+/- Length x 3000mm - 6000mm (max) Height

The most rigid system. It allows the whole module to be shifted as a whole on site. Our project team will always be innovating this Type 4 system according to site needs.

Type 4*

*design may vary according to site condition

Qualification of the Portable Noise Control Barrier for the Q.C.I.F.

Our Portable Noise Control Barrier is applicable for the National Environment Agency of Singapore (N.E.A)'s Quieter Construction Innovation Fund (Q.C.I.F, formerly known as QCF).

With a similar concept and built as the main product, the Temporary Noise Control Barrier, this Portable Noise Control Barrier (P.T.N.C.B) has the same excellent performance which makes it qualified for the scheme.

FIG 1: Jinbiao Type 2 PTNCB going through noise test for QCF

Above picture shows one the official noise test being witnessed by officers from NEA. One of the requirement to obtain the reimbursement scheme is to conduct an official noise test after noise mitigation steps have been taken.

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