Permanent Noise Control Barriers

                              Permanent Noise Control Barrier (P.N.C.B.) system is designed with both sides 1mm galvanized / Aluminium powder-coated skin shell with aligned opening (Inner skin) and filled with High Density Acoustic Mineral Wool between the inner and outer metal skins.

End cap
Grove (bottom)
1mm Galvanised Metal / Aluminium shell
Anti-Dust Netting
Tongue (top)
Mineral Wool

The combination of a deflective and absorption design provides effective reduction for the noise generated by machinery and equipment! The Permanent Noise Control Barrier (P.N.C.B) generally can be erected at different location:


: Tuas View Basin Flyover


: Compressor Unit at Punggol Station


: Bus Testing Center @ Ulu Pandan

Rooftop (Outdoor)

: Kidzania @ Sentosa

Performance properties:

Sound Transmission Class

STC: 29

Sound Transmission Class (STC) refers to the amount of airborne 'sound' being blocked/attenuate.

STC 29 would reflects the approximate decibel reduction in noise/sound that our                    Noise Permanent Noise Control Barrier can provide. - i.e 29dbA reduction potential.

Noise Reduction Coefficient

NRC: 0.95

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) refers to the amount of sound energy absorbed upon 'contacting' a surface.

NRC 0.95 would reflects the approximate decibel absorption of noise/sound that our                    Permanent Noise Control Barrier able to perform. - i.e 95% of noise absorbed.

The                    Permanent Noise Control Barrier has been a go to mitigation product for a better, more noise friendly environment. The installation of the mitigation barrier can not only be done during site construction but also can be an addition to an already built structure.

We have done numerous projects ranging from private to public projects all over South East Asia, particularly Singapore. This Permanent Noise Control Barrier are customized according to site condition, making it aesthetically pleasing.

Additional Aesthetics on PNCB

Back in October 2018, Hebei Jinbiao unveiled its latest innovation idea in hope to further educate the public and working consultants on the endless possibility of the Permanent Noise Control Barrier structure.

The major issue that some in the market would say is aesthetics and as such the idea of green wall was incorporated with the noise mitigation barrier.

Green wall, being an uprising method to both counter increasing temperature and fight against pollution, brought much attention to the booth.

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