Noise Mitigation systems are used in various ways. Its ultimate objectives are mainly to mitigate unwanted noise from the source creating it. The different specification of noise products will definitely play a part in its effectiveness. Here in HEBEI JINBIAO, we only offer the best and effective materials during fabrication of our product. WE OFFER OUR PRODUCTS, NOT JUST SINGAPORE BUT THE SOUTH EAST ASIA LIKE MALAYSIA AND INDONESIA etc.

Good Test Result by TUV SUV PSB

Fire Retardant Material

Excellent Track Record

Various Government Project Experience

With that said, it is no wonder our products meet the requirement of Singapore's government bodies and further exceed their expectation with our double-sided coating of metal shell and the Acoustic Mineral Wool made available with all our barrier products. Our products are tested by TUV SUD PSB to further showcase its effectiveness and that is why we help our clients with our current excellent Track Record in claiming.

Temporary Noise Control Barriers

Temporary Noise Control Barrier (T.N.C.B.) system is designed in a mobility and transportable barrier system, as an effective noise mitigation system for reducing unwanted noise for all temporary or any changing applications.


Aside from the mobility and transportable advantages, the T.N.C.B. can be easily install by any personnel in 5 simple steps! The T.N.C.B. uses 0.5mm galvanized powder-coated skin shell for both side with aligned perforated opening for Inner skin and solid back panel for Outer skin.

Permanent Noise Control Barriers

Permanent Noise Control Barrier (P.N.C.B.) system is designed with both sides 1mm galvanized powder-coated skin shell with aligned opening (Inner skin) and filled with High Density Acoustic Mineral Wool between the inner and outer metal skins. The combination of a deflective and absorption design provides effective reduction for the frequency content of the noise generated by machinery and equipment! For more information, download the P.N.C.B brochure below.

Noise Reduction Net

Noise Reduction Net (NRN) is a high tech acoustic screen that has been designed, developed and tested by Japan. The innovative design makes fitting and removal of the NRN fast and conventionality it is typically fitted around fencing, external scaffold or any other scaffolding unit. The NRN is constructed from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) using the Draw Texture Yard Method thus allowing the material to have a good sound transmission loss property and also highly durable to withstand harsh weather conditions.


The NRN not only produces exceptional and market leading acoustic performance, it also prevents dust and fire due to its non-porous and fire retardant properties. This net is also known as a blanket as some call it. For more information, download the noise reduction net brochure below.

Portable Noise Control Barrier SERIES

Revolutionary way of using barriers to different situation. This barrier system is an effective noise mitigation system for reducing unwanted noise for all changing applications.

Type 1

  • Convenient

  • Movable to any direction

  • Mobile way of having a noise control barrier

  • Dimension: 2000mm+/- Length x 2000mm - 2500mm Height

Attached on wheels, it allows the mitigation system to be moveable with minimal effort.

Type 2

  • Light-weight (21kg per set)

  • Easy-carry (1 or 2 man carry)

  • Transportable

  • Dimension: 1500mm+/- Length x 2000mm Height

The Aluminum shell makes the whole system light. Where it needs to be shifted, minimum manpower is needed.

Type 3

  • Sturdy, rigid and sizable

  • Used in the harsh environment

  • The stable design of this barrier would a great solution for outdoor usage that needs transporting over a period of time.

  • Dimension: 2000mm+/- Length x 2000mm - 3000mm Height

The built in stand allows the system to be placed on the ground firmly. This system allows users to customize height as needed.

Type 4*

  • A modular system that may act as a partial premises noise mitigation solution

  • It is supported with a concrete footing

  • Though it takes a lot of effort with transportation, its structure is able to go up higher than its predecessor's height specification.

  • Dimension: 1500mm+/- Length x 3000mm - 6000mm (max) Height

The most rigid system. It allows the whole module to be shifted as a whole on site. Our project team will always be innovating this Type 4 system according to site needs.

*design may vary according to site condition

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