Wire Mesh Fence covers a vast range of mesh fence products:

  • Light agricultural and farm wire mesh

  • Netting to commercial welded mesh fencing

  • Strong and Versatile mesh security fencing


Benefits of a Wire Mesh Fence:

  • Lets light and wind through

  • Allows people to keep an eye on their

    • Property

    • Agricultural / Residential projects involving flowers or animals. 


Being able to see through the fence works very well from a security point of view too as intruders will not be able to prevent themselves from being seen.


Hebei Jinbiao Construction Materials Pte Ltd has a strong reputation of providing quality products & services. We have a team of qualified technicians & installers with in-depth knowledge & years of experience. We are always able to stay ahead of the competition in the industry because of our strengths. We offer a wide range of the latest product designs, producing excellent quality and workmanship at affordable prices.

Other Wire Mesh Fence in the market:

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Formerly known as SONES Consultancy and Services LLP


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