Coating and Life Span of Gabion Barrier

1 layer Galvanized Gabion Barrier


Zinc Coating (Max. 300g/m2) + Low Carbon Wire

Life Span: 3 – 5 years

2.0mm – 4.0mm wire

PVC Coated Galvanized Gabion Barrier


PVC Coating + Zinc Coating (Max. 300g/m2) + Low Carbon Wire

Life Span: 10 – 15 years

Galfan Gabion Barrier (Aluminium Zinc Alloy)


Galfan Coating + Low Carbon Wire 5-10% Al-Zn alloy

Life Span: 70 – 80 years

Gabion are free-draining walls that are constructed by filling large galvanized steel baskets with rock. Gabion walls are in many applications the most cost effective structural wall available.


We use steel fabrication where mesh of steel wire are twisted and bound together to form boxes and later fill up with stone or lay out on terrain to offer extremely strong properties as compared with concrete.


In current situation, Gabions are one of the most common civil engineering technology that are widely use in various countries such as China, USA and even in Afghanistan.


Gabions are also environmentally friendly as it uses natural materials from mother’s nature.

To know more about the Types of Gabions, click here.


What Gabion Barrier Offers

• Water Infiltration (slow down the flow)

• Stabilizing Shorelines (reinforcement of shorelines)

• Reinforcement Stream Banks or Slopes against Erosion (prevention of soil loss)

Other uses include retaining walls, temporary flood walls, silt filtration from runoff, for small or temporary/permanent dams, river training, or channel lining.

• Gabion are even used to direct the force of a flow of flood water around a vulnerable structure.


Advantages  of Using  Gabions

1. Economical Price 

• Does not require foundation therefore reduce the need for excavation

• Shorter construction time


2. Environment Compatibility

• Made from natural material, minimize the impact to environment

• Promote natural vegetation to grow rapidly

• Make the structure blend with the surrounding environment


3. Construction Convenience

• Easy assembling at site

• Filing of the gabion boxes by machine or man without facilities


4. Structural Integrity

• If one wire is loosen or broken, the neighbouring wire is still well connected

5. Durability

• Comply with International Standard (EN, ASTM)

• Galfan able to last 50 – 60 years life time, with PVC coating increase to 120 years

• Design for flexible structure strengthen the whole body

• With vegetation growing further, the whole system is further strengthened


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